• Elite Homes is an established Real Estate Brokerage service provider in renting a residential , corporate and commercial properties and units in Kuwait.
  • The company consistently offers specialist knowledge and personal attention to its valued clients, building trust through transparency in all of its dealings.
  • Having an excellent understanding of clients’ needs.
  • We help you to relocate to Kuwait through providing you with the full information in order to create familiarity between you and Kuwait environment.
Property Management

Property Management

  • Our Property Management services are divided into several categories:
  • Responsible for collecting the rent from the tenants under following the legal terms of the State of Kuwait and carrying the responsibility of renting the vacant properties and managing the lateness of rents.
  • Collecting of rent depositing in owners account as per owner’s convenience and terms.
  • Following Cost effective annual maintenance contracts.
  • We take care of your property at your pleasure!


You can book your hotel or your short rental property through us till we provide you with your long term residence.



If you want to relocate to Kuwait, we help you in facilitating everything for you starting from your short rental to your permanent residence and any consultations regarding the suitable place for you and the most entertaining places to visit any Kuwait.

Our Team

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Sales Manager

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Sales Manager

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Sales Officer

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Ayman Hassan

Property Management Consultant

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Commercial Department Consultant

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rental homes and villas in Kuwait

Renting out spaces is a common practice in today’s age because people like to move to new places in search of better opportunities or for other reasons. Who would like to buy a new house at every place they move to as it is quite expensive and leaves people in debt. Therefore, renting an apartment seems like a wise choice. Now anyone can have the pleasure of owning a fully furnished place close to work or family by paying rent monthly. Moreover, furnished apartments for rent allow you minimum effort as you will only need to pack your clothes to move into the apartment. When deciding to move-in to a new place, you must set your budget, get to know the area and possibilities you can have in the neighborhood, and it is where Elite Homes Kuwait comes to your help.

Elite Homes is a real estate web portal where people can list their properties for rent or look for rent dream homes in Kuwait according to set budget and needs. Our website covers the properties located in the main areas of Hawally, Mubarak Al-Kabeer Governorate, and expanding to many more districts. Getting to know the area of rental homes and villas in Kuwait is the first step of moving. Here we have some helpful information about the most popular rental residential districts in Kuwait that will allow you to decide wisely.

  • Salwa is a suburb area located in Hawally Governorate in Kuwait, and it means a place of casuals. Salwa also has government-run clinics, a shopping center, supermarkets, private American and English Schools, a gym facility, Al-Hashemi 2 Maritime Museum, and various restaurants, including McDonald’s, Starbucks, and Burger King. Rental houses in Salwa, Kuwait, are generally 2-3 stories high which are mostly resided by westerners. Moreover, there are villas and apartments for rent overlooking the views of the Gulf, a shared pool, and a small play area for children.
  • Salmiya is another city in Hawally Governorate that we cover in our database for rental apartments. It has the largest commercial and residential area in Kuwait and is also referred to as Kuwait’s cultural and commercial hub. Salmiya is well connected to the rest of the country through highways and direct en-route road to Kuwait City. City blocks located closer to the interior district have residential areas, and some up-scale residential real estate is along the Arabian Gulf coastline. Salmiya is a modernized district with every life-essential thing at a minimum distance from your residence. The city is a host to numerous mosques, an aquarium, an IMAX movie theatre, a football stadium, a Scientific Center, a Roman Catholic Chapel, medical centers, and parks.
  • Mishref is a residential area in Hawally Governorate that is divided into two main districts, Mishref and West Mishref. The first part, known as Mishref, is home to Mishref local residence, Al Yarmouk Sporting Club, three foreign embassies, a UN center, a restaurant complex, and two open playgrounds for basketball, football, tennis, and handball. While on the other hand, West Mishref district has the Australian College of Kuwait, The Gulf University of Science and Technology, Kuwait International Fair, another three foreign embassies, the grand mosque, and a route that goes straight to Bayan and Mishref Palace.
  • Sabah Al Salem and Abu Fatira are suburbs located in Mubarak Al-Kabeer Governorate and bordered by Mishref at the north side. Here you will find many holiday rentals and residual rental luxury homes, villas, and apartments. In the nearby area, you can enjoy visiting Seif Palace, Kuwait Towers, Marina Mall, and Souk Al Mubarakiya.

Our rental real estate listings are not limited to these areas as we are expanding to many other famous cities such as Funaitees, Bida Seaside, Jabriya, Sideeq, Fintas, and many more. For newcomers, after knowing the district and residential neighborhood, it is easy to decide where to rent apartments and luxury homes in Kuwait. Elite Homes will be with you at each step, from informing about the area to the best possible rental properties in the area.

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