Kuwait is a western Asian country located at the tip of the Persian Gulf. It has a total population of 4.5 million, of which only 1.3 million are Kuwaiti nationals, and 3.2m are expatriates. The foreigners make up approximately 70% of Kuwait’s population. Due to the high demand for moving to Kuwait for various reasons, a suitable rental apartment in Kuwait is not easy to find. Moreover, finding a good space is important, but you should also know about its cities, culture and other necessary knowledge about the country. For such guidance, Elite Homes are here to help you through each step.

It is a small, wealthy country with the most expensive currency in the world. Kuwait depends on oil export, which has made it richer and conversion of domestic currency to the highest level. Nationalizing the oil industry has significantly impacted the country and led to a significant contribution to urbanization and land construction. The government purchased the land from Kuwaiti nationals for public service projects and distributed it evenly to the citizens and corporates to ensure the success of the modernized real estate sector. It was divided into a proper plan, in three procedures, a single-family house for Kuwaiti couples, land for the urban government plan, and acquired vacant land for future use.

The government started to involve private corporations to build for public land, but the Kuwaiti Government still kept the upper hand for non-urban lands involving agricultural and industrial lands. Due to the increase in foreigners moving to Kuwait for over the years and renting Kuwait apartments, there is a growing trend of building construction in private land, renting apartments, and yielding profit with real estate investments.

Three main governorates in Kuwait have the best real estate for rent, Hawally, Farwaniya, and Al-Ahmadi. The districts are highly populated due to a large number of expatriates inhabiting them. Here you will find rental homes and villas in Kuwait, Rent luxury homes in Kuwait, rent duplex homes in Kuwait, buildings, and apartments.

In our blog section, you will see articles of every kind that is relevant to Kuwait in every way. The knowledge will help you learn more about Kuwait and help you settle in your initial years. To avoid cultural shock and offend the locals with your native behavior, it is essential to have comprehensive research about the country, language, culture, and neighborhood you will be living in. Elite Homes always strive to help expats feel comfortable in a new environment by providing them all the necessary information about Kuwait and rental real estate.